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About the School

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About Our School

Bryan Station Middle offers two tracks.

The Spanish Immersion Program, which launched in 1995-96, includes all grade levels (6th-8th Grades), and students throughout the county may apply. Participants spend at least half their day using Spanish in core-content classes. Students have rigorous standards not only in language but also in all subject areas, and they rank high academically compared to others in the district. The goal is for students to be bilingual by the time they graduate. Most students started out at Maxwell, Liberty, or Cardinal Valley Elementaries and continue in the program at BSMS. Our Spanish Immersion staff are great supporters of our students and have high academic expectations.Students will have a Spanish Language Arts and Math class along with an English Language Arts and Math class. Students will also have Social Studies, Science, and two exploratory courses. Students completing our program will advance to the Spanish Immersion Program at Bryan Station High School. Bryan Station Middle is proud to be an International Spanish Academy sponsored by the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain. Click on the icon below to learn more about ISA schools:

ISA Spanish Academy
  •  FCPS online application (link pending) -- The window is January 7-22  for the following school year. It's not a first-come, first-served system. Applications may be submitted anytime during the window, and all receive equal consideration.  

Our Traditional Program includes all grade levels (6,7,8) and consists of the students who live in our attendance area.  Students are part of a team where teachers work together to help students grow developmentally and academically.  Most of our students started out at Deeps Springs, Northern, & Arlington Elementaries. Our team teachers are great supporters of our students and will work closely with families.  Our team of teachers have high expectations for students and expect them all to grow.  Students will take a double block of Language Arts and Math as Reading and Math skills are the main focus. Students will also have Science, Social Students, and two exploratory courses. Students will take Social Studies classes in Geography, Ancient Civilizations, and U.S. History. Our Science classes are high level and participation in the science fair is expected in 6th-8th grade.

We offer a wide range of exploratory offerings. We are committed to the health and wellness of our students and offer 9-week Health/PE/Wellness classes. Students may also be involved in our Station Arts program, which consists of our music courses with Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and Visual Arts.  Students may also participate in Computer Skills, General Music, Career Explorations, Family & Consumer Science, Project Lead the Way, Exploring Technology, and Art. 

Schoolwide, we place a priority on assessment and instruction, with high expectations and standards for all our students. Our staff is willing to go the extra mile to remove all barriers to learning so that all our students can succeed at high levels. We also take pride in helping our students mature to be responsible citizens, and we help build character and set goals to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

The mission of Bryan Station Middle School is for all students to reach their full potential and succeed in a diverse society through positive relationships and meaningful instruction.

Our vision is to provide learning opportunities for all students in a positive atmosphere while maintaining fair, firm, and consistent expectations.

PRIDE stands for:

P - Positive

R - Respect

I - Integrity

D - Dedication

E - Excellence